RVA Unrest: Business Closings & Economic Fallout In Richmond, Va From 2020 Pandemic and Civil Unrest


This is one of the most challenging business environments in Richmond City history with the pandemic, economic upheaval and civil unrest all hitting at the same time. Many contributing factors cause a business to close their doors and the unrest that's already occurred and the ongoing risk of future unrest are major considerations for business owners.

For restaurants the situation is particularly acute with boarded up windows discouraging patrons and the perception that streets are no longer safe for families dining out in the evening. Videos circulating on social media showing demonstrators antagonizing diners at restaurant patios further deters people from choosing to dine in RVA.

The disappearance of customers isn't the only problem businesses now face. The costs of damage to business properties is transforming once barely profitable enterprises into absolute money losers and some are discovering that their insurance companies are hiking rates to compensate for high risk of unrest in their areas.

As the year goes on and there's no apparent end to the unrest the list of businesses hanging up the "CLOSED" sign continues to grow and sadly grows at a faster pace.

Businesses Closed
2020 Meals & Sales Tax Rate
$3.8 Million
Arson Losses
City Fund For Hurt Businesses
Vandals & Looters Rob Four Brothers Bistro on Lombardy Street

Business Testmonials

“Financially, I couldn’t do both. Between COVID and now the looting and vandalism from protests, it has been terrible,” Michael Oseguera said. “Feels like Grace Street has been set back 30 years.”
“I can’t spend six months rebuilding my business, only for it to be looted again. I will be looking in Henrico, Hanover, Chesterfield to rebuild.”
Timeline of Closings
Tracking Closings of Businesses In Richmond, Va Since May 29, 2020